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Construction Loans

Valor Mortgage helps home builders who are looking to build their home in Tennessee through the assistance of a construction loan.

Build the Home of YOUR Dreams.

With a construction loan, you can build a home that matches your vision. Construction loans cover the costs of land, materials, labor, and other expenses needed. Make your dream home a reality. From modern homes in Nashville to cabins built in Gatlinburg, a construction loan gives you the support you need. Work with us to simplify the construction loan process and start building your dream home today.


Benefits of a Construction Loan


Custom Home Design

Construction loans allow home builders the flexibility to create a fully-customized home design, building a truly unique home.


Build New

Like everything, homes age. With a construction loan, build a new home that has no history! Begin a legacy!


Use Property as Equity

If you own your land, you can use your property as equity on the cost of build, helping you qualify for a larger loan.

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Interest Only Payments

Payments are interest only during the construction period, allowing for payments to be lower than traditional loans.


Construction Loan Requirements.

In order to apply and qualify for a construction loan in Tennessee, builders must have a:

  • strong credit score is needed to qualify for a construction loan
  • good debt-to-income ratio
  • down payment of at least 5% of the total cost
    • *options for 15% down with no mortgage insurance
  • approved builder
  • detailed construction plan for review and approval

Throughout the building process, lenders will monitor the construction progress to ensure it adheres to the approved plan and timeline.


Ready to Apply for a Construction Loan?

Fill out the form to contact us, or give us a call!

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